We are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality range of Decorative Industrial paint products. Our product range includes Enamel Paints, Epoxy Paints, Plastic Emulsion Paints, Cement primers, Oil Bound Distempers, Paint Thinners and many more.


Decorative paints

Colours, all unique and exquisite. Team these up with the fact that they're also absolutely chemical-free and you get the perfect home. After all, Stallion colour splash can make a world of difference.

Product Range:

Interior Paints: Interior wall primer , Distemper, Interior emulsion

Exterior Paints

Exterior Wall Primer, Exterior Emulsion

Wood Finishes

Wood Primer, varnishes, Black Japan etc

Metal Finishes

Red oxide Metal Primer, Zinc chromate Yellow Primer, Oil primer etc

Automotive Paints

Automotive Coatings is an industry that's highly specialized, technical and has diverse requirements

Product Range

Chasis Black, AC Black, Hyluster Primer

Industrial Paints

Right from your household appliances to metal fittings in various factories, industrial coatings have a large variety of applications across all industries. Hence our product spectrum offers the entire gamut of comprehensive coating systems, ranging from Primers and Heat Resistant Paints and Metal Decoration coatings.

Product Range

Red lead primer, SyntheticEnamel(Glossy,Satin), Linseed Oil, Aluminium Paint, Road marking Paint, Synthetic Red oxide Metal Primer, Zinc Chromate Yellow Primer

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